The hipsterist hipster blogs

By Jeremy Wilson

Hipsters are the hippies for today’s generation. It’s terrifying to think what state the world would be in without their progressive views on politics and art counterbalancing that of mainstream society. The music and fashion industries in particular have been enriched by the creative thinking of this subculture.

It’s easy to disparage these self styled nonconformists as a herd of pretentious bloggers. But while it’s true that they are conformists within their own subculture, it’s a subculture that is pioneering and freethinking.

For a long time, members of this forward-thinking movement kept themselves hidden in shabby but trendy corners of major cities. But things are changing and they are beginning to embrace new forms of technology that enable them to reach sheltered members of mainstream society with their progressive lifestyle: the hipster blog.

Stuffed with artfully over-exposed photos and whimsical, yet provocative thoughts on the human condition, these blogs are changing people’s perspective on what’s possible with a hand-crafted espresso.

We searched high and low to find the very best of this emerging art form and have curated a selection for our readers to both enjoy and perhaps find enlightenment within.

The Londoner

The Londoner is the fruits of girl-about-town Rosie, who has made it her life’s work to eat out a lot and go on holiday. A lot.

At first her blog might appear to be a self-conceited vanity project full of smug photos of a ridiculously-extravagant lifestyle. But on deeper inspection, it becomes clear that it is actually an artfully-illustrated self help manual. A case in point would be her notorious Anti-Diet Diet in which she imparts rousing motivational advice to her readers.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here & say that as you’re reading my blog, you like the internet. You’re smarter than your average bear & I bet you check Facebook nearly every day. So, how about we use that as your basic motivation? Let’s say that by the time summer comes around, you’ll be ready to jump into a bikini and mess around with your friends. The next day, when you realised you’ve been tagged on Facebook, you don’t get a feeling of dread incase you look like the fat one, you’re just excited to see them because you all look great!”

Poems without words

In a clever twist, Poems without words doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin. Instead of having no words, it takes short quotes from philosophers and illustrates them with washed out photos taken with a range of modern and vintage cameras.

picture 1 (2)

picture 2

A cup of Jo

There are acres of online space taken up by yummy mummy lifestyle blogs, but none come close to A cup of Jo. The vast range of topics covered include food, travel, design, relationships, fashion and beauty. Nowhere else will you find such delicate prose on both juggling and cinematography.

“Heather explained that juggling is not only a fun party trick, but it’s also incredibly calming and meditative. When you’re juggling, you can’t think (or stress out) about anything else, so it really clears your head. Pro athletes often juggle to increase coordination, and studies show that it can actually increase grey matter in your brain.”

picture 6

“What are you up to this weekend? Last night we saw the incredible movie Her. Have you seen it yet? The color palette was exquisite—everything was dusty pink, orange or red—and the story was so compelling.”

picture 7

Wit & Delight

A great style blog needs a great style icon. Wit & Delight’s Kate Arends is just that.

picture 5

There is no better place on the internet to indulge in tea face masks and bespoke clothing.

picture 4


Food blogs aren’t in short supply, but to do them right you not only have to Instagram lattes in hip cafés – that’s kind of mainstream. Rather, like Foodiemarie, you need to take the food blogging trope to the next level by tastefully gushing about your visits to establishment food places such as Apsleys at Lanesborough Hotel.

“My rose congou tea was nothing short of ambrosial; the kind of tea that only an institution like the Lanesborough can procure.”

picure 3


The couple behind Endlesslyenreaptured are the undisputed kings of competitive hipster blogging. Their unique blend of refined taste and humble appreciation of the world around them is unsurpassed in the online kingdom.

It’s hard to put their blog into words, so it’s probably best to let it speak for itself:

“Our Latte was devised of an Ethiopian Chelfit, with hints of Blueberry, Rasberry and chocolate. . Graham told us that the roast got its flavors from the actual packing of fruit around the beans after being harvested. While they are drying the beans suck up the sugars from the berries and take on the gentle hints through osmosis. I had never had anything of its kind before and was pleasantly surprised by how blueberry-like it actually tasted… This was the kind of coffee drinking experience that changed my perception of what was possible in a hand crafted espresso.”

“I’m finding more and more as I get older that I have a particular taste in places I like to hang out. I want the space to be relatively well lit with decent natural light, or at least some unique and charming indoor lighting. That might be because I know what horrible lighting can do to a photo-shoot you are dying to come out perfectly. I prefer the environment to be relatively quiet and mellow. I want there to be less than ten people inhabiting the space, besides employees. I’d like to be able to go in and read a book or do some work on my laptop while being undisturbed for the most part.”

“In my lifetime I have not been able to take part in a lot of the finer things in life. In fact, before meeting Jade, I would consider my quality of appetite and overall quality of life to be below average. I was a young bachelor who grew up sheltered in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, so my ignorance to all the wonders of the world were to be expected. If you would have told me even three years ago that I would be in London being served exquisite fare prepared by some of the best chefs in the world I would have counted you crazy…After finishing our meal and readying ourselves for departure, we were introduced to the chef and thanked him for his brilliant work. He was a humble, generous man and appreciated our presence.”