Woman is rated 87th best attraction in Glasgow

By Ned Donovan

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep on top of social media, with so many different networks, managing all of them can be a real task. Mistakes often occur and remain unnoticed for months. So for 60-year-old Mary Johnston from Glasgow, it came as a surprise when she appeared as the 87th best attraction to visit in Glasgow, Scotland, on TripAdvisor. While she was unaware of the issue, users left reviews and five-star ratings, and as a result she ranked higher than Templeton’s Carpet Factory and the Balfron Golf Club.


How this came to transpire is unclear, when asked by Scottish newspaper The Scotsman, popular visitor attraction Mary Johnston replied “I didn’t set it up. It must be a bug in the system or malicious.”

Since the news broke, reviews have been removed, but the page still remains at number 87 in “Things to do in Glasgow.” Bizarrely, images uploaded for Mary Johnston include the infamous Reddit safe and a Venetian gondola.


“I’m not a huge traveller” says Johnston, “but I do like city breaks and have visited places such as Prague, Krakow, Lisbon and places like that.”

When the reviews on the page were still up, they included comments such as “This attraction wasn’t in the guidebooks but is fun for all the family if you’re a fan of people called Mary or rotationally challenged photos.”

While Mary was unhappy with the coverage that she received from Glaswegian travellers, she did say that the horizontally rotated photograph of her on the page was “a good picture of me.”