Can fish really ‘drive’ a vehicle?

By Ned Donovan on May 2nd, 2014

While many are looking forward to the future with driverless cars taking them to work, one company may have come up with something far better: cars driven by goldfish.

Studio Diip, a Dutch design firm, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and fund the dream, but it still has a way to go before it hits its €40,000 target. The car, inventively called “Fish on Wheels,” is apparently controlled by a camera that monitors the direction the fish is swimming, allowing your humble goldfish to finally travel wherever it wants.

Or so the company claims. Just judging from this YouTube pitch video, which has over 1 million views, it’s not readily apparent how the fish’s movements in the bowl affect the general direction of the vehicle.

It’s unclear whether this aquatic emancipation is stressful for the fish. Thomas de Wolf, one of the cofounders, spoke to the BBC and said that as long as the car moves slowly enough, it should not affect the fish’s wellbeing. As for the project itself, Fish on Wheels originated in February, when the company released a video of a very early prototype. Since then, Studio diip has completely redesigned the car and placed the project on Kickstarter.


The project is hoping to ship the first-tier backers who give €199 a prototype this July. However, those who give more will receive the “most optimised” goldfish car in the following months, though it’s not clear what exactly will distinguish it from other models. Studio Diip also plans to release a special edition, and while it hasn’t revealed the specific features, it all smells a little fishy.

Photos via Studio diip/Kickstarter