How Silicon Valley powers terrorism

By The Kernel on August 12th, 2013

A Kernel investigation has identified several technology firms, among them the content delivery network CloudFlare, knowingly hosting or providing technical support to websites directly connected to Islamist terrorist activity. CloudFlare declined to say whether it received money from terrorist groups.

High-profile Silicon Valley technology companies Twitter and Facebook have long been criticised for failing to police the content flowing through their servers, but the direct accusations levelled at some web hosts and content delivery networks go way beyond the passive relay of information.

When contacted about their unsavoury customers, the companies concerned have either declined to comment or defended their business practises, claiming that forums and news sources that facilitate acts of terrorist violence fall under “free speech”.

These staggering claims suggest that the technology industry needs to conduct a drastic review of its attitude toward the content it hosts and supports with its software. In light of recent scandals in the UK and elsewhere, its current hard-line attitude to hosting any content at any cost would appear to be unsustainable.