How Amazon cashes in on Kindle filth

By Jeremy Wilson on October 9th, 2013

The following report contains graphic language that is NSFW.

A Kernel investigation has revealed hundreds of e-books that celebrate graphic rape, incest and “forced sex” with young girls available for sale from online retailer Amazon.

The books are sold as Kindle Editions, the name Amazon gives to books that can be cheaply and quickly downloaded to its portable Kindle device. Available titles include Don’t Daddy (Forced Virgin Seduction) and Daddy’s Invisible Condom (Dumb Daughter Novelette).

As with “barely legal” pornographic films, which seek to satisfy base urges associated with illegal and immoral acts while circumventing laws against depictions of underage sex, many of the titles listed on Amazon protest loudly that rape victims are “over 18”.

Similarly, the “daddy” rapists in many incest stories are revealed in the small print to be “not blood related”. But few reading the titles of these books will be fooled about the supposed erotic intent of the volumes.

After watching spy novelist Jeremy Duns express his surprise on Twitter that the titles were freely available for sale, The Kernel’s reporting team purchased a copy of Naughty Daughter Abducted And Pounded By Daddy’s Cock: Anal Sex And BDSM With My Step Father (taboo daddy daughter erotica) by Shannon Leigh.

The book is a sick rape fantasy with language and details too graphic for a family-friendly publication to reproduce.

Ms. Leigh shares her name with an occupational health nurse for the US government who lives with her husband and four children in Indiana and who writes erotic fiction. She is also the author of Forced By My Big Brother: Sleep Sex And Defloration With My Unaware Little Step Sister (nonconsensual taboo teen sex erotica).

Other titles by Leigh include Forced To Fuck Daddy In Diapers: Step Dad ABDL Regression Fantasy (teen girl taboo fetish erotica) and Forced By Grandpa: Defloration And Anal Sex With My Step Grandpa And His Cock (taboo old man young girl sex erotica).

Amazon has strict guidelines for amateur authors who wish to self-publish with the Kindle Direct Publishing service. “We don’t accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts,” say the guidelines. “What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.”

But the authors of these works are setting up fake publishing houses for themselves, which can be as simple as paying $200 for a set of ISBN prefixes, bypassing such restrictions.

Extreme material of this nature does not appear in search results on Amazon’s website. Users must know a direct link to the page selling that title, or browse a directory on another website.

However, readers who visit the purchase page for Naughty Daughter Abducted And Pounded By Daddy’s Cock are informed what “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”.


There is no evidence that Amazon is doing anything to police the smut being sold through its website, which in some cases appears perilously close to glorifying incest and child rape.

Tech behemoths are often criticised for their censorious attitude towards pornographic content. Apple, for example, tightly controls the apps permitted to appear on its devices and is ruthless about denying pornographic content airtime.

Amazon, it seems, takes a somewhat more relaxed approach. Almost as relaxed an approach as the one they take to paying their taxes, in fact.

The company did not return a request for comment.

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