An epidemic of filth

By Jeremy Wilson on October 11th, 2013
  • Almost every book retailer’s website sells amateur literature that glorifies rape, incest, bestiality and ‘forced sex’ with young girls
  • Amazon and Barnes & Noble have the largest catalogues of filth
  • High Street newsagent WHSmith sells rape porn 
  • Beloved bookseller Waterstone’s sells bestiality fiction
  • Iconic London store Foyles lists a book called Loving the Dog
  • No retailer brave enough to comment on our report

A second Kernel investigation into extreme pornographic literature for sale on the internet has revealed that not only Amazon but practically every major bookstore, many household brands included, stock vast collections of deeply disturbing books, including rape fantasies, incest porn and graphic descriptions of bestiality and child abuse.

Sale of this degenerate amateur literature, which glorifies “forced sex” with young girls and other rape fantasies, was not previously thought to be an industry-wide problem.

Unlike the bookshelves in physical stores, online bookstores appear to be a Wild West of depraved content sure to horrify every parent and book-lover. Some of Britain and America’s most treasured brands are profiting from paperbacks, e-books and audio books stuffed with deeply repellant material that skirts the boundaries of illegality.

The books claim, like their “barely legal” pornographic movie cousins, to deal only in sexual tales featuring consenting adults. But a glance at the titles and covers tells you all you need to know.

The Kernel has purchased several of these titles and discovered “daddy” fantasies sold by Amazon, Barnes & Noble and WHSmith that depict, in stomach-turning detail, violent rapes by men described for legal reasons as “not blood relations” but referred to simply as “daddy” within the text itself.

Almost all the titles we cite would appear to violate the terms and conditions booksellers set themselves, such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service, which claims: “We don’t accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts. What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.”

None of the titles we discovered for sale carried any age restriction.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 09.06.41

The extent of this epidemic is far greater than we previously reported. When confronted with five vile e-books available for sale on its website yesterday, Amazon removed them from sale. The titles included Daddy, No! (Taking His Stepdaughter’s Virginity) and Bad Daddy! A Rough and Reluctant Virgin Sex Encounter Between ‘Daddy’ and Daughter.

We also provided Amazon with a further list of rape porn titles available on its website with titles even more shocking. These remain online today.

But The Kernel reveals today that almost every other major book retailer, including Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, Waterstones and Foyles, has been drawn into the scandal. Our investigation has discovered similarly shocking content on each of their websites.


Barnes & Noble is the largest book retailer in the United States. In addition to its bricks-and-mortar operation it has a large e-book publication and distribution business. If an author wishes to self-publish using “NOOK press”, Barnes & Noble’s self-publishing portal, they agree to allow Barnes & Noble sole and unfettered discretion in whether to remove their content from sale.

Barnes & Noble say they do not allow material  “that graphically portrays sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction”.

Yet a search search of the retailer’s online store reveals a tsunami of filth. Even searching for something as specific as “daddy rape” returns 72 results, with titles including Daddy Rapes Me, Raped by Daddy, Daddy Rape Road Trip: 2-story Bundle Pack, Daddy Rapes the Virgin Daughter: Violated at Home (Taboo Erotica), Daddy Rapes the Virgin Teen Babysitter (Rough Sex Erotica) and Doggy, Daddy, Daughter Rape: Virgin Teen Girl Deflowered By Father And His Dog (bestiality zoo canine sex erotica).

picture 1

Books available for sale at Barnes & Noble

Retailer WHSmith is a ubiquitous presence on British high streets and a much-loved brand. It operates a large online bookstore full of rape porn and literature featuring “forced sex” with young girls. A single publisher, See You Next Tuesday Press, has over two hundred e-books for sale on the WHSmith website. Titles include Daddy Rapes the Virgin Daughter in the Attic (Taboo Forced Sex Erotica), Raped By The Big Fucking Trucker (Taboo Rape Erotica), Amber’s Rape By Her Parolee Father (Forced Sex Erotica) and Daddy Rapes the Virgin Daughter on the Roadtrip (Taboo Erotica).”

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 09.09.23

Respected British institutions such as Waterstones and Foyles did not appear to carry amateur rape fantasy e-books when we searched this week, but they still elect to stock a striking array of niche publications. Waterstones are currently carrying the paperback Taboo Acts, Volume II: Loving the Horse and Foyles list Taboo Acts Vol. I: Loving the Dog via their respective websites.

Spy novelist and journalist Jeremy Duns, who has been drawing attention to this phenomenon through his Twitter feed, told The Kernel: “I’m not interested in censorship or burning books (impossible as most of these are ebooks anyway), and like to think I’m fairly open-minded.

“But some of these titles, descriptions and cover images are stomach-turning. Fathers raping their daughters, featuring covers with young women bound and made up to appear beaten. I find it disturbing that retailers want to sell this sort of thing – I suspect they don’t, and just don’t look at what they sell.”

None of the retailers we contacted provided any comment on the material they are profiting from, nor were they prepared to comment on the appropriateness of iconic and trusted brands offering perverse and depraved literature for purchase, freely searchable, with no age restrictions whatsoever on sale.

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