The week ahead, #1

By Petra Papadopoulos on September 6th, 2013


20 March – 19 April

Aries.svgYour need to be first among equals could be your undoing this week. Think before you tweet: a glittering revelation on Wednesday is not all it seems. Destiny is pointing at a green door.


19 April – 20 May

225px-Taurus.svgThis week the bullish in you could prove to be a problem. Avoid sending any explicit selfies this week: given the position of Pluto, it’s likely your interlocutor will forward them to everyone he knows. On a more positive note, your self-confidence has never been better, so it’s a good time to let yourself celebrate on Facebook. Just keep it clean. Destiny is speaking in tongues.


20 May – 21 June

Gemini.svgOn Monday, you’ll get an offer you should reject. Your solar chart says you’re not prepared for the big changes it will demand of you. Think about it: are you really ready to switch from Instagram to EyeEm? Take some time to find out what you really want. Destiny is recycling old memes.


21 June – 22 July

Cancer.svgCancers can be moody and over-sensitive. Don’t allow that to upset a friendship this week. The person who will write to you asking for a favour is being cheeky, yes, but your friendship will be stronger if you put your ego aside and concentrate on spreading joy. Destiny is retweeting Jeff Jarvis.


22 July – 22 August

Leo.svgThere’ll be a lot to get angry about this week, but try to focus on the things that are genuinely worth worrying about. Accept what you cannot change. Destiny is checking her Klout score and discovering a new Moment.


22 August – 22 September

Virgo.svgThe balance of power at work is shifting. You’re a natural people person, but don’t get carried away with back-room machinations. Remember, people are emailing behind your back as well as confiding in you. Destiny is spending too much time on Yammer.


22 September – 23 October

Libra.svgA friend will stop short of telling you that you are tweeting too hard this week. It’s understandable: this will be a tumultuous time for you, and Libras can be very intense. But try to avoid sharing too much of your glamorous inner world: it might scare off a potential suitor. Destiny has unsubscribed from PandoDaily’s newsletter.


23 October – 22 November

Scorpio.svgBeware your sharp tongue on Thursday. Once you’ve commented it can be tough to take words back. Try to remember that as passionate as you are about loyalty, others can be about getting your facts straight – so check yourself before you speak. Destiny is signing up for a new Tumblr account.


22 November – 21 December

Sagittarius.svgYou love freedom, but remember that too little structure can be its own kind of bondage. You may wish to ask for more responsibility at work, because your home life is not keeping you busy enough. As a temporary solution, this is acceptable. Destiny is laughing at this twerking disaster GIF.


21 December – 20 January

Capricorn.svgYour ambition is admirable but it can make you enemies. Consider spending time with people further down the food chain – or even just taking that extra few minutes to talk to the postman, or answer a few more commenters on your blog. You can find value in everyone, not just the people above you on the corporate ladder. Destiny is updating her LinkedIn profile.


20 January – 18 February

Aquarius.svgOn Sunday you may be asked to do something unethical. Weigh up the consequences carefully: there’s a real-life person behind the avatar. But don’t spend too long. You’re a natural thinker but if that turns into daydreaming you may miss a crucial opportunity to make someone’s life better. Destiny is vandalising Wikipedia.


18 February – 20 March

Pisces.svgStop feeling sorry for yourself! Your current predicament is entirely of your own making, and until you realise that you can’t fix the situation. Try speaking to a close friend about what’s going wrong and what you should do to snap out of your present malaise. Destiny is switching to Gmail.