The week ahead, #18

By Petra Papadopoulos


20 March – 19 April


With the sun in your tenth house of healing and transitions it’s time to spring clean your life and recharge. Take a trip alone somewhere and be with your thoughts, then come home to that messy closet filled with clothes that probably have moth holes in them. Much like your life, there needs to be some tidying – ditch flighty friends and shoes that don’t fit. Destiny is putting old clothes on Ebay.


19 April – 20 May


With the sun in your eleventh house of creativity and collaborations, this might be the time to dig into a team activity and let the people person in you come out to say hello! This is the time to join a book club or become part of some cult that truly speaks to you. You may have been feeling a little lonely and abandoned by friends lately, but not to worry, kindred spirits are on their way. Destiny is letting her freak flag fly.


20 May – 21 June


You may be feeling pretty spicy and vibrant this week, Gemini, and that’s a great thing for you. The sun is in your twelfth house of success, so ditch the dowdy sweaters and dirty boots you’ve been donning of late and break out the power suit – there will be an opportunity to climb up the social or career ladder and now is the time to flash that winning smile. Strike while the iron is hot, Gemini. Destiny is throwing her hat in the ring.


21 June – 22 July


You may be the zodiac’s homebody – more prone to staying in with a hot chocolate and a movie on a Friday night, but sometimes, when the stars are aligned just so, your inner jet-setter wakens from hibernation. Guess what? Spring is here, hibernation season is over and you desperately need a change of scenery. Life is full of wonders and sometimes you need a little reminding that adventure is the best cure for cabin fever. Destiny is renewing her passport.


22 July – 22 August


The sun is blazing brightly in your sixth house of transformation, so prepare for a little changing, dear Leo. You may love the limelight (and you’d do well to remember that certain shades of limelight can ruin your complexion) but some of your best work is done behind the scenes. Positions of power need not always be in the foreground, so remember that, take a step back and emerge back stronger than ever. Destiny is seeking out her spirit animal.


22 August – 22 September


Feeling a little indecisive lately are you, Virgo? Well, the sun making its rounds into your seventh house of partnerships is not going to make it better, and the golden glow of the honeymoon phase is beginning to fade – leaving you with the harsh reality that people are not always perfect. This isn’t just true romantically, your business partner may need to be kicked to the kerb too. Destiny is looking into her crystal ball.


22 September – 23 October


Daffodils are slowly but surely beginning to make an appearance, and as the snow begins to thaw, your layers are coming off and you’re beginning to see a little comfort food baby from all the heavy winter foods you’ve been indulging in. It’s time to get healthy again, and with the sun in your fifth house of healthy living, it shouldn’t be too hard to get back on track with your yoga and lay off the late-night snacking. Destiny is swearing off potatoes (for now).


23 October – 22 November


Spring fever has come early for you, spicy Scorpio! The sun will be shining brightly in your fifth house of glamour and love this week. It’s seduction time, which is arguably the best time, so if you see a fitty on your commute to work, chat to them or drop a pen in front of them and do the bend and snap – it worked in Legally Blonde and can work for you. Destiny is buying a tight fitting pencil skirt.


22 November – 21 December


It’s your time to step into Cancer’s shoes and be the homebody for once. You’ve been seeing the new year in in style with a lot of parties and a lot of cocktails, but slip into your comfiest pyjamas and grab an interiors magazine. The relaxing will be a welcome change and might inspire you to make your home a little more homely with some new throws and hanging plants – all after a nice nap with the cat, of course. Destiny is taking a siesta.


21 December – 20 January


With the weather letting up, you’re feeling more inclined to take a little venture outside your door. New and interesting things seem to be cropping up all around you – new vintage markets, new veggies at the farmers’ market, you may even see a new gallery around the corner. So take off your tea-stained t-shirt, it’s time to go outside again. Destiny is buying a bike with a basket for all her farmers’ market goods.


20 January – 18 February


With the sun heading into Pisces, it means your birthday month has drawn to a close this week. While you’re slowly letting go of those birthday balloons and heading gently back to earth, you’re seeing that you need to scale back and simplify in time for the spring. You’re at your best when you’re running your life like a well-oiled machine with little fuss. Destiny is cutting out the fat.


18 February – 20 March


It’s been a sleepy start to the year with you, Pisces, but with the sun in your sign, it looks like you are finally waking up and ready to take the world by storm. Start some new routines and change up your look – you see your birth month as the real new year, so make your delayed resolutions and spice things up – you’ve been hibernating too long! Destiny is getting her hair done.