The week ahead, #19

By Petra Papadopoulos


20 March – 19 April


Your ninth house of technology will finally be free from Mercury’s retrograde this week, Aries. All that trouble with computers, your phone, the internet cutting out – it’s finally coming to an end, so rejoice and take the leap into getting a new gadget or updating the ones you have been too afraid to, lest you lose everything. Destiny is cancelling her phone insurance.


19 April – 20 May


Get ready for a flood of opportunity in your tenth house of career and finance. You may have been feeling a little restless in your current job and you may feel chained to certain obligations. But with Mercury exiting its retrograde, that weight will be lifted. You may feel overwhelmed by the choices, but this is a great problem to have. Some might say it’s not even a problem. Destiny is finding a sugar daddy.


20 May – 21 June


Your duality and ability to see both sides of an argument can be great sometimes, but with Mercury in retrograde in your second house of communication, lately that’s caused both tension and confusion for all involved. Thankfully, the sun shines on you this week and you’ll finally be able to get off that fence on important issues – a little longer and you’d have splinters from straddling it too long. Destiny is straight-shooting her answers.


21 June – 22 July


Are those skeletons in the closet we hear, Cancer? With Mercury making its way through your house of secrets, you have no choice but to deal with the issues of your past. You know as well as anyone that they do affect the future, and why wait until someone figures out whatever secret you’ve been hoarding? It will only lead to problems best left alone, so confront your demons head on. Destiny is cleaning out her closet.


22 July – 22 August


Prepare yourself for a roller coaster this week, Leo, and not the fun kind. You may have been mulling over some feelings with a new lover or an old friend in a private struggle of hot and cold emotions. You need to ask yourself why is your emotional compass working like a faulty tap? Usually, if there is dissatisfaction, it’s for a reason, and you may need to cut some ties, however hard that may be. Destiny is seeking out a new plumber.


22 August – 22 September


Serenity is on its way, Virgo. You’ve been bouncing off the ceilings like a blind fly – here, there and everywhere. You may miss that well-ordered life of yours, with colour-coded calendars and neatly organised Post-its, but it’s been good to branch out and now you are prepared for all the projects that will come along this week. Don’t get overwhelmed when you can’t colour code everything. Destiny is buying more Post-it notes.


22 September – 23 October


With Mercury retrograding through your eighth house of love and romance, you may have been deliberating on a new love a little too much, wondering if you truly want to continue seeing them or not. No more need for daisies, Libra, you love them or you love them not, there is no answer in those petals and you can see clearly now that you’ve been stringing them along. Destiny is taking off the rose-coloured glasses.


23 October – 22 November


It comes as no surprise that you’ve been a little drained by the ones you keep closest to you. They may be your life’s blood but with Mercury in retrograde through your house of home and family, you may have been extra moody, which is no party for anyone, Scorpio. You can sink deep into the dark emotional void, but this might be a good thing for you – practice the art of being by yourself. Destiny is shoring out a stormy spell.


22 November – 21 December


You’ve taken a leaf out of the more emotional star signs and been in a pretty stormy mood during Mercury’s retrograde. Thankfully, the light is shining and you feel more yourself – but that’s not before you’ve hurt a few feelings along the way – remember that your friends are not used to seeing you so moody (and mean). Take the time to apologise to them all in the best way you know how, with a party. Destiny is setting the dinner table.


21 December – 20 January


You’ve been pinching pennies all winter – stop it now. You’ve gone well past your savings goal, and let’s be real, what else is money there for? Something that might happen but probably won’t? Don’t go too crazy and blow your savings, but it would do you well to remember that you need to enjoy yourself too – it’s no use living like a rich nun, is it? Reconfigure your budget to allow some play. Destiny is going shopping.


20 January – 18 February


Many misunderstandings have been happening since Mercury entered your house of communication in retrograde – but, like the winter that melts before us, so will the misunderstandings. You truly have the gift of the gab and while it’s been thrown off a bit, you’re back on top form this week. Queue up whatever you need to say and remember that patience and prudence is the way to go. Destiny is taking the tape off her mouth.


18 February – 20 March


With Mercury in your foggy twelfth house of thought, everything has been as clear as mud for you. You may even feel like you’ve taken a few steps backwards in life . Take the time to see where you’ve gone wrong, hindsight has 20/20 vision after all. Don’t let people berate you or make it feel like it was your fault, struggles can make the best art. Make something fab and show them who’s boss. Destiny is unfollowing everyone.