The week of December 6, 2015

A Miscellany

One geek’s reluctant journey toward loving space

By Cynthia McKelvey

I’m a science writer who loves exploration and finding out new things. I ought to love space, but to me, outside Earth’s atmosphere is just a bunch of rocks and math.


The winding, telephonic odyssey of Joybubbles, the original phone phreak

By Jesse Hicks

Joe Engressia was a blind genius, among the first to pwn the telephone network. And then he changed his name and declared himself five years old forever.

The master algorithm is going to change life as we know it

By Jesse Hicks

Pedro Domingos argues that machines are getting better at learning. Soon they’re going to be able to learn anything. And that’s going to remake the world.

How Bitcoin rose from the dead

By Patrick Howell O'Neill

Bitcoin is at its highest level in a year. What gave it new life?

How DJ Akademiks became hip-hop’s most influential gossip

By Clyde Lovellette

Content mill DJ Akademiks is changing urban news—one watermark at a time.

Inside the great eWhoring scam

By Dell Cameron

This is how men make money pretending to be camgirls online.