The week of August 30, 2015

Any Given Sunday

Why #FSUTwitter is football’s most-feared digital mob

By Josh Katzowitz

Once an innocuous hashtag for diehard fans, it’s come to represent some of the worst aspects of Twitter culture.


Inside the NFL’s virtual reality arms race

By Ramon Ramirez

VR simulations are changing the way football is practiced at every level of the game.

These microchips could transform football as we know it

By AJ Dellinger

The NFL is equipping every player in the league this season with a radio-frequency identification chip.

 A week in the life of one of fantasy football’s most trusted experts

By Josh Katzowitz

Dave Richard used to live with his parents. Now he’s calling the shots for CBS Sports.

Why you should quit watching football

By Ramon Ramirez

Author Steve Almond sounds off on his reluctant manifesto, ‘Against Football.’

The dark secret about fantasy football no one is talking about

By Ramon Ramirez

Fantasy football is gambling in everything but name, and no one wants to address its addictive nature.

The best moments from the new erotic Rob Gronkowski ebook

By Rae Votta

We read ‘A Gronking to Remember 2: Chad Goes Deep in the Neutral Zone,’ so you don’t have to.


Is the daily fantasy football revolution here to stay?

By Jonathan Ridewood

Fantasy football has become a billion-dollar industry, but its legal loophole could one day close.

The real loser in the #Deflategate saga

By Mike Wehner

It’s not who you expect.

Who killed Michael Sam?

By Josh Katzowitz

Sam paved the way for future gay athletes, but it came at a price.