The week of October 4, 2015

Black Lives

How we know Black Lives Matter is winning

By Alicia Garza

When those in power try to discredit and distort your movement, it’s because they’re afraid.


For true liberation, Black Lives Matter is not enough

By Douglas Williams

The Black working class needs more than a narrow, single-issue campaign. We must think bigger.

How I talk to white people about racism

By Clay Rivers

Speaking to one another with respect and care.

Can SAE ever overcome its racist past?

By Samantha Rogers

After a viral video showed its members chanting a racial epithet, one fraternity tries to clean up its act.

Black trans lives matter

By Cherno Biko

To be black and trans is to live in a constant fear of persecution.

7 hard lessons learned from Ferguson

By Derrick Clifton

One year later, these are the things worth remembering.

Your Facebook is probably segregated

By Gillian Branstetter

The online echo chamber is more dangerous than you think.

The surprising truth about the ‘war on cops’

By Patrick Howell O'Neill

The ‘war on cops’ is a myth—and these are the numbers that prove it.