The week of September 21, 2014

Building a Better Web

How to detoxify the Web

By Leah Reich

To fix the Internet, we’ll need better spaces for men.

Quote of the week

“Pay attention to conversations that aren’t just between the people you work with or went to school with. There’s a big Internet out there.”

—Mallory Ortberg


Inside Google’s ambitious plan to change the Internet forever

By Aaron Sankin

ISPs need to start letting their customers give as much as they get.

Is being forgotten online a right—or a privilege?

By Miles Klee

Even with the ‘right to be forgotten,’ you’ll never scrub the Internet clean.

Me IRL: Mallory Ortberg

By Miles Klee

The Queen of Internet Irreverence talks the Toast and Texts From Jane Eyre.


An ingenious way to save the comments section

By Jess Zimmerman

If you want to stop trolls, hit ‘em where it hurts.

Let’s destroy ‘Around the Web’ links

By Nick Douglas

How do we fix the news industry? Start with content recommendation.

To fix the Internet, we have to fix online journalism

By Beejoli Shah

Online media has become a cool kids’ club, and it needs to stop.

Digital poverty is a global issue we’ve ignored for too long

By E.A. Weiss

If you are reading this right now, you are privileged.

‘Free’ is the curse of the Internet

By Aaron Sankin

Shut up and take my money!

It’s time for Twitter to address its harassment policies

By S.E. Smith

What’s it going to take for Twitter to protect its users?