The week of September 7, 2014

The DIY Issue

Meet the Internet’s DIY brain hackers

By Marissa Fessenden

“I Zapped My Brain With tDCS and LIVED!”

Quote of the week

“To show people how to make something, that’s just the greatest gift.”

—Jason Babler


How I built my own virtual reality goggles

By Mike Wehner

For $20, you can gaze into the future.

The industrialization of DIY economy

By Leslie Anne Jones

The Etsy revolution has given rise to tastemaking curators.

How YouTube inspired a new generation of DIY makers

By Simon Owens

On YouTube, if you build it, viewers will come.

Me IRL: Leigh Honeywell

By S.E. Smith

The security engineer discusses the rise of feminist hackerspaces.


The Internet’s DIY oasis is a mirage

By Chris Osterndorf

I’m tired of your life hacks and quick fixes.

The democracy of the online DIY tutorial

By Marianne Kirby

Online, anyone can become an expert—and that’s a good thing.

8 reasons why you need a 3D printer

By Aaron Sankin

Everything you ever wanted to 3D print about 3D printing (but were too afraid to ask).