The week of August 17, 2014

Education 2.0

Is the Minerva Project the future of higher education?

By Aaron Sankin

The most selective college in the world is online-only.

Quote of the week

“Tech is not the solution for all school problems. It’s just not.”

Tony Zanders, 4.0 Schools


The birth of edtech cities

By Leslie Anne Jones

Silicon Valley may have the biggest investors, but cities like Baltimore are creating the blueprint for edtech hubs.

Illustrating the digital divide in education

By Aaron Sankin

The E-Rate program is supposed to level the playing field. Why isn’t it working?

Why the edtech bubble could burst

By Allen Weiner

As tech companies rush to put tablets in classrooms, teachers and students are being left out of the conversation.

Meet the students behind 4 promising tech startups

By Dell

These collegiate entrepreneurs are graduating with seed money and business plans.

Why Oregon Trail still matters

By Dennis Scimeca

If you want to make a successful educational game, get a game designer.

Me IRL: Hank Green

By Marissa Fessenden

The “Internet Guy” explains how YouTube is changing science education.


Your kid needs to learn to code

By Caitlin Sharp

The jobs of tomorrow will require new technical skills. When will the public education system catch up?

How to educate yourself online for free

By Matthew Saccaro

It’s time to embrace MOOCs.

When privacy hysteria cripples education

By Greg Stevens

Is student privacy any safer after the fall of inBloom?

A high school without social media

By Aaron Sankin

Three creative writing students from Texas imagine a world without Facebook.