The week of November 23, 2014

Everybody Hates Silicon Valley

Google Fiber may be making the digital divide worse

By Aaron Sankin

Everyone wants to be the next Google. When it comes to high-speed Internet, that may not be the best idea.

Quote of the week

“The idea we’re all making the world a better place—it’s so idealistic. It might be better if they were honest and say, ‘We just want to be rich.’”

—Dan Lyons


Lifestyles of the rich and hated

By Taylor Hatmaker

Breaking down the real-estate wars in San Francisco.

The hidden cost of the on-demand economy

By Beejoli Shah

Apps like Postmates and TaskRabbit are making chores a thing of the past, but their convenience comes at a price.

Commuting in the era of the dot-com bubble

By Allen Weiner

Think it’s hard on the road now? Imagine commuting without smartphones and satellite radio.

Who said it: ‘Silicon Valley’ character or real-life tech guru?

By Kate Knibbs

Mike Judge’s hit HBO series is hard to distinguish from what it satirizes.

Where are they now? Failed startup edition

By Molly McHugh

Four lessons from “next big things” in tech that never made it.

Me IRL: Dan Lyons

By Selena Larson

The new editor of Valleywag sounds off on Steve Jobs and hypocrisy of Silicon Valley.


The tech industry is in a bubble—but not the one you’re thinking of

By Micah Singleton

It’s time to stop talking about tech’s diversity problem.

Everything you need to know about Silicon Valley’s diversity problem in 3 charts

By Aaron Sankin

It’s even worse than you think.

Is it already too late to save Oakland?

By Susie Cagle

Oakland is gentrifying rapidly, and the results could be devastating.

Don’t let Google take the wheel

By Zan McQuade

Here’s why you should be afraid of driverless cars.