The week of May 15, 2016

First and Lasts

How Inkpop went bust and inspired a community of would-be writers

By Tonya Riley

Inkpop was supposed to crowdsource the next big thing in young-adult fiction. It failed, but along the way created something greater.


The rise and fall of FriendFeed, the social network that brought you the ‘Like’ button

By Corinne Litchfield

It was a site with bold ambitions to “glue together the web,” and innovated in ways we take for granted today. But it couldn’t last forever.

The last wrestling hotline still worth calling

By David Bixenspan

For a few years in the late ’80s, 900 numbers were an incredibly popular and profitable industry. Decades later, one Queens man is keeping the art of the hotline alive.

The last, loneliest Blockbuster store on Twitter

By David Britton

You thought they were all gone. You were wrong.

How the Internet’s original shock site warped a generation

By Audra Schroeder

How the Internet’s original shock site warped a generation.