The week of August 24, 2014

Flight of Fantasy

The extreme, addictive side of fantasy football

By Josh Klein

There’s a growing number of fantasy football addicts who play by their own rules.

Quote of the week

“Sports will always be about people. The algorithms merely attempt to find the right ones.”

Shawn Siegele


5 leagues that are better than yours

By Josh Klein

Tired of your standard office league? Start your own.

The original kings of Fantasy Twitter

By Ramon Ramirez

Here’s who you need to be following on any given Sunday.

Big brother is watching your favorite college athletes

By Aaron Sankin

If college athletes aren’t university employees, why do schools track their social media like they are?

Fantasy football and the cold future of robot journalism

By Allen Weiner

Should we really welcome our new robot overlords?

Me IRL: Chris Kluwe

By Ramon Ramirez

The punter opens up about Michael Sam, fantasy football, and what he misses about the NFL.


You’re unwittingly sabotaging your own fantasy team

By Renee Miller

In fantasy football, you are your own worst enemy.

How I won $150,000 playing fantasy football

By Shawn Siegele

There are high stakes in fantasy football. Here’s what it takes to win.