The week of March 27, 2016

Fresh Starts

How a fluke video game called the Eternal War became a cultural phenomenon—and changed its creator

By Rosie Cima

James Moore played a game of Civilization II for more than a decade, creating a dystopian world forever at war. Sharing it with Reddit changed his life.


Crissy Moran tried to leave pornography behind, but the industry won’t let her go

By Adam Popescu

She walked away from a lucrative career as an adult film star to start her life over. But online, others are still making money off her work.

The eternal hustle of Deshay, Vanilla Ice’s former DJ

By Dalia Malek

Twenty-five years after ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ DJ Deshay has not been given his due. He hasn’t forgotten.

How to create an untraceable new identity

By Patrick Howell O'Neill

Even the most privacy conscious leave digital breadcrumbs back to their identity. Here’s how to keep your online trail clean.


How I came to embrace my past as a sex worker

By Melissa Petro

Six years ago, I was outed as a former sex worker and lost my job as a public school teacher. Since then I’ve struggled to reconcile myself to my past, finally accepting that there are no “fresh starts.”