The week of August 2, 2015

Hack the Planet

How to hack a city—and why we should

By Jonathan Keane

With cities becoming “smarter” thanks to information technology, they’re also becoming more open to potential attacks.


The art of hacking humans

By Patrick Howell O'Neill

This is what hackers do for sport.

Your car might be susceptible to hacking

By Mike Wehner

You might want to steer clear of these five vehicles.

How cyberthriller ‘The Net’ predicted the future of the Web

By James Crugnale

An oral history of the Sandra Bullock scene that matters.

The frightening ease of voicemail hacking

By Dell Cameron

I let a hacker break into my voicemail—and he did it in seconds.

Hackers can cause fatal damage to power plants

By Patrick Howell O'Neill

Try not to panic.


Why the U.S. government’s new cybersecurity solution is doomed to fail

By Marcy Wheeler

In the wake of the OPM hack, Congress wants to push for more information sharing over insecure networks. That’s wrong, and there’s a better way.

7 ways to force companies to fix their cybersecurity

By S.E. Smith

It’s time to put an end to lazy corporate security.