The week of October 25, 2015

The Halloween Issue

The unintentionally brilliant marketing of

By Rick Paulas

Carefully placed clues on a nascent, still-mysterious Web helped spawn an indie blockbuster.


The spooky, twisted saga of the Deep Web horror game ‘Sad Satan’

By Hannah Barton

A series of mysterious playthrough videos captivated Reddit. But what were they, really?

How ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ works its eerie magic

By Rae Votta

The creators of the hit, spooky podcast on their creative process, writing a novel, and why there’s no Night Vale Instagram.

This is your brain on horror films

By Cynthia McKelvey

Keep telling yourself, “It’s only a movie. It’s only a movie.”

The Soska Sisters want you on their Hellevator

By Aja Romano

The “twisted twins” on what scares them, their new game show, and why they love women in horror films.

The long, strange saga of the Pumpkin Dance video

By Audra Schroeder

Meet the man who accidentally made the Internet’s favorite Halloween video.

This sculptor is taking Halloween masks to a monstrous new level

By Aja Romano

Mario Chiodo went from carving famous works of public art to creating terrifying monster masks.