The week of May 29, 2016


The disappearance of Amina Arraf, a gay girl in Damascus

By Duncan Fyfe

She was a lesbian activist and blogger, writing eloquently and movingly about the war in Syria. She was lauded and brave. The only problem? She wasn’t real.


The unending quest of the Hoax Slayer

By Andrew McMillen

Thirteen years ago, Brett Christensen was the victim of an email hoax. Since then, he’s dedicated himself to preventing the same fate for others.

The secretive wizard behind those viral moments too good to be true

By Aja Romano

Trust no one.

The esports reporter who never existed

By Richard Lewis

Ann Pragg was a rising star and a special esports talent. There was just one small problem.


Confessions of a catfish

By Aris Apostolopoulos

I was alone and unloved. So I became someone else.

Why do we keep falling for Internet hoaxes?

By Ryan Scott

Read the fine print, people.