The week of February 14, 2016

Love and Revenge
HTTP LOVR written across two sets of knuckles

The pen pal romances of

By Zachary Crockett

“There’s a lot of fish in the sea, but hell, there are a lot of fish behind bars too.”


Looking for love when you’re 16 and famous on YouTube

By Rae Votta

Anthony Quintal is a YouTube star with 1.5 million fans. So why’s it so hard for him to find a real relationship?

The dirty business of online revenge

By Vanessa Willoughby

Feeling jilted this Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s shit in a box or a bunch of candy penises, plenty of websites are ready to help you find the perfect payback.

Men’s rights activists and the search for the perfect virgin

By Marisa Kabas

There’s no way to prove virginity, but that has not stopped some men from trying.

Tales from the most popular woman on OkCupid

By Carrie Nelson

Lauren Urasek shares her strategy and horror stories from online dating.

The future of sex tech is already here

By Mary Emily O'Hara

We’ve seen the future of adult toys, and it is filled with networked sex


Inside NYC’s most exclusive sex party

By Stefanie Iris Weiss

The rules in this invite-only club aren’t meant to be broken.

How I learned to love over AOL Instant Messenger

By Jaya Saxena

Slowly but surely, the IRL me started to become more like the me I allowed myself to be online.