The week of April 17, 2016

Our Warming Earth

How the earliest victims of climate change are protecting each other

By Christine Ro

The world’s most vulnerable people are increasingly under threat from global climate change. In response, they’re finding ways to look out for one another—before the next disaster hits.

Features and the long walk to save the world

By Rick Paulas

John Sears has spent five years roaming California with his mules in tow, preaching his unique gospel of environmental conservation.

Can satellites help save the world’s rainforests?

By Nithin Coca

Rainforests are our global lungs, yet we’ve continued to destroy them. Better satellites can help us understand how and why—and hopefully stop the damage.

Is online shopping better for the environment than going to the store?

By Amrita Khalid

The Internet often saves a trip to the store. But what’s the rise in online shopping doing to the environment?

How a YouTube show spurred a real scientific investigation

By Cynthia McKelvey

Thanks to Hank Green’s ‘SciShow,’ researchers solved the mystery of Australia’s bright pink lake.

The fake real estate company trolling for climate change

By AJ Dellinger

No, this realty company profiting off climate change isn’t real—but it’s important.

How ‘echo chambers’ lead to government inaction on climate change

By Aaron Sankin

Members of Congress only hear what they want to hear.