The week of May 3, 2015

Planet Facebook

How Facebook is changing the way we think and feel

By Leslie Anne Jones

From depression to introspection to first loves.


Why Facebook’s faces backlash in India

By Nithin Coca

A new battle over net neutrality.

Facebook’s long and winding road into China

By Aaron Sankin

Climbing the Great Firewall may be Zuckerberg’s biggest challenge yet.

Why Facebook still has a problem with breasts

By Selena Larson

The social media giant’s still muddled on the issue of female nudity.

Facebook knows even more about you than you realize

By Mike Wehner

Here’s a friendly reminder about just how much you’ve shared.

How to turn off everything you hate about Facebook

By Mike Wehner

Facebook sucks. Here’s how to fix it.


How Facebook is like 1990s-era AOL

By Simon Owens

Facebook wants you to never leave its walled garden.

Facebook’s weird state of denial about news

By George Brock

Facebook is the most powerful news distributor in the world.

What it’s like to have a father who’s Facebook famous

By Greg Stevens

Facebook “likes” don’t always mean what you think they mean

Facebook tombstone

Living online as a digital ghost

By Zan McQuade

Grappling with mortality in the Facebook era.