The week of November 2, 2014

The State of Reddit

The greatest story Reddit ever told

By Kevin Morris

How the social news site changed the life of a convicted felon.

Quote of the week

“I like that Reddit let’s you choose what type of experience you want to have and what type of community you want to interact with.”

—Wil Wheaton


Inside the men’s rights movement

By Aaron Sankin

The most-hated men on the Internet are getting louder—and more organized.

The war over Reddit’s front page

By Fernando Alfonso III

Here’s the definitive history of the subreddit.

The ultimate guide to Reddit

By Rob Price

These tips and subreddits will help you make the most of Reddit.

Me IRL: Wil Wheaton

By Fernando Alfonso III

Everyone’s favorite geek sounds off on Reddit, Gamergate, and the new season of Tabletop.


Is Reddit broken beyond repair?

By Aaron Sankin

Banning one subreddit won’t stop the site’s users from running wild.

How Reddit ate the news media

By Gillian Branstetter

It’s one big race to the bottom.

How to defend yourself on the Internet

By Carly Findlay

My photo went viral on Reddit’s WTF forum. Here’s how I responded.