The week of June 12, 2016


Meet the Plaid Parliament of Pwning, one of the world’s elite hacking teams

By Yael Grauer

At Carnegie Mellon University, a loose crew of hackers has become a force to be reckoned within the niche cybersecurity competition known as Capture the Flag.


A man using a computer to bet on horses. A man using a computer to bet on horses.

How big data and poker-playing bots are blurring the line between man and machine

By Jesse Hicks

Computers have long outclassed humans at chess; more recently they’ve won at Go and even Jeopardy! Now they’re coming for poker. What’s that mean for their human creators?

When cybersecurity research leads to jail time

By David Silverberg

Independent hackers often reveal security flaws that might otherwise go unfixed. So why are corporations and the government coming after them?

The indie game studio that’s betting it all on virtual reality

By Dennis Scimeca

Owlchemy Labs’ rise to the top of gaming in VR has been fraught with challenges and risks.

The deadly serious world of competitive Rock, Paper, Scissors

By Luke Winkie

This is not a game.