The week of July 12, 2015

Secrets and Lies

Behind Dark Justice’s crusade to bring down pedophiles

By Chris Stokel-Walker

A pair of unemployed 20-somethings have turned vigilante in their quest to jail would-be molesters.


Inside the secretive, exclusive social networks of Hollywood

By Olga Lexell

Tracking boards are the entertainment industry’s digital gossip hubs. But to get inside you have to know someone.

Me, Myself, and Charlotte: The third identities of sex workers

By Charlotte Shane

On Twitter, sex workers are using pseudonyms to create a space where they can be protected from stigma, arrest, and stalking.

The real problem with Tor’s security

By Patrick Howell O'Neill

The police have arrested hundreds of Tor users in the last decade. Is there a flaw in the system? 


The 6 biggest lies you’ve probably told on Facebook

By Chris Osterndorf

Are you guilty?

Debunking the 7 biggest myths about hacking

By Gillian Branstetter

It’s time to clear up a few things.