The week of March 1, 2015

The State of Gaming 2015

The unstoppable rise of mobile gaming

By Dennis Scimeca

Resistance is futile: The mobile game revolution is here.

Quote of the week

“We are making progress toward greater inclusion and less toxicity. It’s a natural process, like evolution, and the good news is that it can’t be stopped.”

—Gary Whitta


An illustration of the homeless in SimCity

Everything I know about homelessness I learned from SimCity

By Aaron Sankin

In SimCity, art imitates life—and not in a flattering way.

Building the perfect gaming PC

By Dennis Scimeca

The ultimate rig could be yours for less than $1,500.

The complete history of LGBT video game characters

By Jack Flanagan

The fight for gay rights isn’t limited to real-world spaces.

Why Never Alone is so much more than a video game

By Dennis Scimeca

In Never Alone, you journey through the living history of the Iñupiat.

Battling depression through video games

By Tim Sampson

Gaming is no longer a lonely pursuit

Gary Whitta

Me IRL: Gary Whitta

By Lisa Granshaw

The acclaimed screenwriter knows all about ethics in video game journalism.


A mother and child inside a video game

Life, love, and labyrinths: Why I play video games

By Kate Cox

A love letter to the beautiful, frustrating, tragic, challenging, and entirely incomparable gaming universe.

The sad truth about Oculus Rift

By Mike Wehner

The much-hyped “future of gaming” isn’t what it seems.

3 ways to design better women in video games

By Ayla Arthur

It’s not as hard as you think.

The problem in the gaming industry no one is talking about

By Matt Oztalay

We need to demystify the gaming industry.

Celebrating the weird and unexplored in indie game development

By Rami Ismail

Indie developers are taking games where no one else dares.