The week of March 13, 2016

The 2016 Music Issue

The plight of the modern YouTube music star

By Austin Powell

The true stories behind your favorite viral music videos.


‘People want to have a good time’: DJ Mel on spinning for Bernie Sanders

By Ramon Ramirez

The veteran soul and hip-hop DJ sounds off on SXSW, performing for the president, and that Bernie Sanders-David Bowie mashup.

Meet the former radio DJ who wants to make radio great again

By AJ Dellinger

The former radio DJ has a compelling vision for the future of radio—and it’s streaming online.

Here’s what iconic classical music would look like as emoji

By Josh Green

Who knew a violin emoji could be so powerful?


The real problem with Tidal

By Nico Lang

Kanye West couldn’t save Tidal—and no one else can either.

Why Kesha’s Sony lawsuit could be a turning point for the music industry

By S.E. Smith

The music industry (not just Taylor Swift) should support Kesha at this critical juncture.