The week of January 31, 2016

The Addictions Issue

Inside the Facebook group for people addicted to QVC

By Elaheh Nozari

Even in the age of Amazon, thousands of dedicated fans are proud to call themselves addicted to the television shopping network.


The online program that may revolutionize addiction treatment

By Aaron Sankin

A Web-based tool, decades in the works, aims to train recovering drug addicts on how to make better choices.

Why your favorite apps are designed to addict you

By Nithin Coca

With revenue closely tied to usage, and a market flooded with thousands of free apps, developers will use every trick in the book to hook you.

Getting sober, one selfie at a time

By Marisa Kabas

Recovering addicts have found unlikely support on Instagram.


Cookie Clicker, the Internet’s most pointlessly addictive game, is also its most subversive

By Roisin Kiberd

Beneath the whimsical facade lies a dystopian parable about the end of capitalism.

Facebook anxiety

The side effects of Facebook addiction

By Nico Lang

What happens when a thumbs-up just isn’t enough?

Losing a loved one to heroin use in the Internet age

By Kasia Pilat

Heroin addiction has reached epidemic levels, so why aren’t we talking about it?