The week of August 23, 2015

The Back to School Issue

The MOOC revolution that wasn’t

By Audrey Watters

The promise of online education for all withered into job training for some.


The gold rush to gamify education

By Aaron Sankin

Educational gaming is expected to clear $2.3 billion in revenue by 2017, but will students actually benefit?

The real secret to learning a language online

By Nithin Coca

Hint: Apps aren’t enough.

The heroic effort to bring the Internet to young women in Afghanistan

By Selena Larson

In a country where women’s education is threatened, this group is helping a generation of students connect online.


The ‘flipped classroom’ is professional suicide

By Jonathan Rees

Relying too much on the Internet as a teaching tool can turn professors into mere content providers.

The slow invasion of privacy in U.S. public schools

By Gillian Branstetter

Your child’s school records aren’t as safe as you think.

The case for free lunches in schools

By Nico Lang

No child deserves to go hungry.

In defense of Rate My Professors

By Matt Rozsa

Educators need to stop worrying and learn how to love Rate My Professor.