The week of April 26, 2015

The Body Issue

In the basement with transhumanism’s DIY cyberpunks

By Joseph L. Flatley

In Pittsburgh of all places, transhumanism’s real possibilities are being put to the test.


The real reason hackers want your medical records

By Aaron Sankin

It’s not your colonoscopy results hackers are after.

Are fitness trackers dangerous for people with eating disorders?

By Selena Larson

Health and fitness apps may fail their most vulnerable users.

What my friend Aaron Winborn taught me about living and dying

By Jesse Hicks

Be generous.

The augmented, customizable human body

By Jesse Hicks

This is what the Vitruvian Man would look like in the 21st century.

How brain-altering devices went mainstream

By Molly McHugh

These gadgets are no longer the work of science fiction.

Meet the YouTube star behind the Booty Revolution

By Carly Lanning

Meghan Tonjes is saving the world, one butt selfie at a time.


In defense of WebMD

By Nico Lang

It’s not just for savvy hypochondriacs.

Why do we hate cosmetic surgery?

By Greg Stevens

Cosmetic surgery is a personal decision. Leave it at that.