The week of May 31, 2015

The Comedy Issue

Inside the fleeting world of Snapchat comedy

By Dave Infante

With short, grainy videos that promptly vanish, comedy hopefuls cultivate a surprisingly large audience.


The elegant dance of ‘The Best Show’

By Audra Schroeder

Live from the Internet, it’s Scharpling and Wurster.

Why Netflix is winning the battle for standup

By Josh Katzowitz

The streaming service has gone all-in on original stand-up specials.

Vine and the art of the 6-second punchline

By Audra Schroeder

There’s a thriving comedy scene on Vine—if you know where to look.

Every single variation on ‘lol’ in one definitive glossary

By Miles Klee

Laughing terminology has gone haywire. We’ll break it down for you.

What really makes us laugh

By Aaron Sankin

Peter McGraw, a professor of comedy, talks Internet outrage, the illusion of LOLcats, and the subtle joys of explaining jokes.


How fast, cheap, and online became the new king of comedy

By Ryan Carey

Prestige drama wins all the critical acclaim, but online comedy is riskier and more fun.

The 5 unfunniest men on the Web

By Miles Klee

Why are you still following these people?

Cards Against Humanity isn’t funny anymore

By Jaya Saxena

The problems should be obvious.

The future of the Internet is up Heidi Klum’s skirt

By Monica Riese

This doesn’t have to be how we roll.