The week of January 10, 2016

The Cyborgs Issue

The high-tech cop of the future is here today

By Matt Stroud

RoboCop may be a fictional cyborg protector, but today’s real-life police are already outfitted with a bevy of futuristic tools.


Why you’re not a cyborg yet, and what scientists and hackers are doing about it

By Jesse Hicks

Author Kara Platoni spent a year among scientists, researchers, and biohackers who want to understand the connection between mind and body. And then start improving both.

Your next health tracker might come in pill form

By AJ Dellinger

This health tracker isn’t a wearable—it’s a swallowable.

These high-tech tattoos may be the future of tracking technology

By AJ Dellinger

Get the benefit of biohacking without the commitment.


The cyborgs of the future—and of today—need the Transhumanist Bill of Rights

By Zoltan Istvan

Science is already outpacing our ability to legislate it. But technology is changing our lives, and we should declare our rights to define where and how it does so.

Why RoboCop is not the cyborg lawman we need

By Noah Berlatsky

American police have increasing access to military technology; now we’re trying to use body cameras to hold them accountable. But that’s misunderstanding the problem.