The week of January 11, 2015

The Digital Gold Rush

The real high-stakes game waged at the Bitcoin Bowl

By Kevin Collier

Optimism and confusion collide in St. Petersburg for the first Bitcoin-branded college football bowl game.

Quote of the week

“People just don’t get it yet. People still think of it as a stock with the price bouncing around all over. They’re not seeing it as I see it—as a technology. It’s not about what the price is day-to-day.”

—Patrick Byrne, CEO of


Laundering bitcoins on the streets of New York

By Patrick Howell O'Neill

This is how online drug dealers turn their bitcoins into cash.

The spectacular death of a cryptocurrency

By Rob Price

Auroracoin was supposed to revolutionize Iceland economics. What went wrong?

The global challenges holding back Bitcoin

By Selena Larson

Bitcoin could change the way the world thinks about money, but it’s not going to be easy.

Your complete A-Z guide to cryptocurrencies

By The Kernel

It’s as easy as ABC

Me IRL: Patrick Byrne

By Aaron Sankin

The CEO talks how organized crime has infiltrated Wall Street and only Bitcoin can stop it.


Can Bitcoin save democracy?

By Aaron Sankin

In cryptography we trust.

How much electricity does Bitcoin really use?

By Adam Rothstein

It’s more than you’d expect.

Why Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme

By Gary North

Thinking about investing in Bitcoin? Read this first.