The week of August 16, 2015

The Esports Issue

Chasing game and glory at the Big Buck Hunter world championship

By Casey Bischel

Dedicated enthusiasts have elevated the popular bar game into a competitive sport—one quarter at a time.


Nadeshot: Final thoughts from an esports legend

By Samuel Lingle

Matthew Haag walked away from ‘Call of Duty,’ and he’s not looking back.

I fought at the biggest fighting-game tournament in the world

By James Chen

I trained in ‘Super Smash Bros.’ to compete at Evo, but I had no idea what I was getting into.

Behind the biggest hacks in ‘League of Legends’ history

By Richard Lewis

For three years, this hacker went to war with Riot Games—and he nearly won.

Will the esports revolution be televised?

By Jared Wynne

The worldwide leader in sports has turned its gaze to esports, but it isn’t quite sure what to think about it.

The graveyard of busted esports games

By Ferguson Mitchell

Infinite Crisis from DC Comics was supposed to be the next big thing in esports. What happened?

The unlikely father of esports streaming

By Mike Wehner

Justin Kan reflects back on the early days of ‘lifecasting.’


The time is now for competitive gaming

By Jared Wynne

The numbers don’t lie. Esports have arrived.

The future of sports is streaming

By Ferguson Mitchell

Here’s what the NFL can learn from esports.