The week of October 12, 2014

The Esports Revolution

The once and future king of esports

By Samuel Lingle

Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, the first star of esports, searches for his legacy.

Quote of the week

“Esports doesn’t have to become mainstream. It will become mainstream by its own inherent force.”

—Robert Ohlén


The biggest esport event you’ve never heard of

By Luke Winkie

Starcade! was brave, glitzy, gaudy, ridiculous, and way ahead of its time.

Inside Europe’s most successful esports festival

By Ian Barker

Twenty years ago, two bored Swedish teens turned an unassuming hacker party into Europe’s premier festival of digital culture.

Me IRL: Sjokz

By Kevin Morris

The European League of Legends reporter is in a league of her own.


The dark side of livestreaming entertainment

By Richard Lewis

Swatting’s been around for years, but Twitch has transformed the prank into a dangerous form of reality TV.

What the NFL could learn from esports

By Ferguson Mitchell

The growth of esports represents the changing desires of entertainment culture itself.

How a video game tournament raised a bigger prize pool than the Masters

By Jared Wynne

The International offered $11.5 million in prizes last month. Here’s how.

Teetering on the esports tipping point

By Kevin Morris

Esports, like soccer, is being propelled forward by a type of indescribable and unquantifiable cultural momentum.