The week of March 29, 2015

The Essays Issue, Vol. 1
An illustration of Nico Lang leaning out

The case for leaning out

By Nico Lang

Working harder isn’t making you any happier.


An illustration of a patient taking a selfie during surgery

What getting cancer looks like on social media

By H. Alan Scott

You never actually think getting cancer is going to happen. Until it does.

Caught between porn and a hard place

By Miles Klee

I made a belated New Year’s resolution to quit porn.

I’m addicted to Google news alerts

By Rachel Kramer Bussel

Sometimes 10,000 Google alerts just isn’t enough.

The ethical catfish

By Ayako Black

We all need reminders that life can feel thrilling in the face of mundane boredom.

Fear and longing in an AOL chatroom

By Marisa Kabas

My earliest relationships all started online.

Thank you, Internet, for giving me a vagina

By Samantha Allen

Crowdfunding covered what my health insurance company wouldn’t.

The trouble with mastering English on the Internet

By S.E. Smith

The Internet can be a cruel place if you don’t know its language.