The week of April 5, 2015

The Essays Issue, Vol. 2
sad illustration

How to pretend to be happy on the Internet

By Selena Larson

There’s nothing an Instagram filter can’t fix.


How I gamed Facebook and conquered my FOMO

By Nico Lang

In my own private cyberspace, no one can hear me scream.

The perks of being a high-functioning shut in

By Dylan Love

Thanks to on-demand apps, I never have to leave my apartment.

What an Internet stranger taught me about my late grandfather

By Miles Klee

I’d always wondered what my grandfather was like as a therapist—until one of his patients told me.

Coping with loss in the Facebook era

By Nico Lang

At what point will the dead outnumber the living on Facebook?

What it’s like to be laughed at on the Internet

By Amy Salloway

My ‘treadmill fail’ was the Internet’s comedy goldmine.

Love and hate in New Vegas

By Dennis Scimeca

A video game confirmed my belief in the death penalty.

The Internet’s all right for fighting

By Emmett Rensin

I can’t stop arguing with people on Facebook—and I don’t want to.