The week of October 18, 2015

The Fame Issue

How the world’s greatest hand-fart musician captivated millions on YouTube

By Andrew McMillen

Gerry Phillips got to travel the world making noises with his hands, and Iron Maiden loves him.


Viral artist Jesse Willesee wants to legalize marijuana—and become the next Andy Warhol

By Anna Denejkina

Sex, drugs, and dick pics: The Australian artist-provocateur knows what shocks.

The end of the line for the Internet’s favorite Joker cosplayer

By Aja Romano

Anthony Misiano wants to quit playing the Joker before it’s too late to stop.

Periscope call-in show ‘Bongcast Live’ collects the freaks and geeks

By Audra Schroeder

Up in smoke every Thursday at 8:20pm PT.


Illustration by J. Longo

YouTube’s ‘My Daily Routine’ is a beautiful lie

By Roisin Kiberd

What the tag really says about being a girl online.