The week of September 14, 2014

The Future of Fashion

Is the runway ready for high-tech fashion?

By EJ Dickson

The era of wearable tech has arrived, and no one knows what to do about it.

Quote of the week

“Designing new experiences is a really important goal. Seeing a skirt that lets you show a tweet—that’s a new experience. No one’s ever done that before.”

—CuteCircuit cofounder Ryan Lenz


For diabetics, a long wait for a wearable solution

By Allen Weiner

If the Apple Watch won’t help those with chronic illnesses, what will?

Tradition, timepieces, and the scourge of the smartwatch

By Micah Singleton

The smartwatch waits for no one.

The rise of the anti-facial recognition movement

By Joseph Cox

Big brother is watching. Here’s how people are hiding.

Defining privacy in the age of wearable cameras

By Micah Singleton

In a future of hidden cameras we wear, will ignorance be bliss?

Me IRL: Myriam Joire

By Taylor Hatmaker

The chief evangelist for Pebble talks wearables and the personalization of digital style.


My first year with Glass

By Taylor Hatmaker

I couldn’t wait to put Glass on. And now… well, now what?

The problem with wearable tech

By Chris Osterndorf

Are you ready for your T-shirt to be trackable?

Let’s ban the word ‘wearables’

By Cooper Fleishman

“Wearables” is a disgusting, infantilizing term that should be banned from the Internet.

How to turn your boring wardrobe into smart wear

By Molly McHugh

Put down the bedazzler, and pick up the Arduino board.