The week of February 8th, 2014

The Future of Sex

I tried to quantify my sex life—and I am appalled

By Miles Klee

Apps can’t contain our lust.

Quote of the week

“There’s not that much difference between meeting at a bar and meeting on OkCupid, in terms of the end result. It’s just the initial point of contact.”

—Lux Alptraum


One man’s quest to biohack his body for better sex

By EJ Dickson

Behind the brave, crazy new world of sexual cyborgs.

Predicting the future of online dating

By Emma McGowan

It’s a match made in big data.

Sex and love in the age of robots

By Molly McHugh

We have the technology and the resources. But do we actually want to have sex with robots?

The real Chinese sexual revolution

By Leslie Anne Jones

What’s really happening behind the Great Firewall?

The sweet agony of having an Internet crush

By Brendan O'Connor

“There’s something about the dynamism of Twitter that feels both more truthful and more mysterious.”

An illustration of Lux Alptraum

Me IRL: Lux Alptraum

By EJ Dickson

The sex educator and journalist discusses sex robots and the future of porn.


The bloody, pagan history of St. Valentine’s Day

By Nico Lang

You thought your Valentine’s Day sucked? You have no idea.

5 things men won’t tell you about sex

By EJ Dickson and Nico Lang

Maybe it’s time for dudes to start being more honest.

5 things women won’t tell you about sex

By Amanda Marcotte

We put out a call on Twitter for advice, and here’s what we got back.

Why you shouldn’t data-mine your exes

By Greg Stevens

As appealing as it sounds on the surface, it’s actually be a terrible idea.