The week of February 28, 2016

The Future of Work

Would you buy meat from a robot butcher?

By Greg Nichols

From modern farming to fast food’s made-to-order assembly lines, food production has gone industrial. Soon robot butchers and cooks may be subbed in for people.


Douglas Rushkoff’s vision for a new, better world

By Jesse Hicks

The author and commentator sees a revolutionary opportunity amidst Silicon Valley business as usual.

Can we build a humane alternative to Uber?

By Nithin Coca

The on-demand economy has created new opportunities, but often those doing the actual work feel exploited. Advocates think technology can provide a better solution.

This wearable wants to test your city’s stress level

By Selena Larson

Can you measure a city’s daily mental health? Boston’s Neumitra wants to find out.


Patreon illustration by J. Longo

What I learned from my failed Patreon campaign

By Noah Berlatsky

As a moderately successful writer, it can be easy to believe readers will pay you to do your work. The truth was much more humbling.

When robots write poetry

By Sasha Chapin

As a professional writer, I’d like to think what I do is innately human. But what happens when artificial intelligence begins to compose poems?

The problem with all those cool workplace perks

By Hannah Brooks Olsen

Would employees rather have craft beer or better pay?