The Geek Girl Revolution

11 women who are changing geek culture

By Ann Hoevel

They’re scientists, artists, organizers, and cosplayers—and they’re making a difference.

Quote of the week

“Being a nerd is awesome; don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Be yourself and be proud of it.”

—Lindsey Stirling


Captain Marvel wants YOU for the Carol Corps

By Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

How Carol Danvers rallied a platoon of supporters.

How fangirls changed the future of publishing

By Aja Romano

With the runaway success of Fifty Shades of Grey, fanfiction has gone mainstream.

The rise of chic geek fashion

By Lisa Granshaw

From the runway to cosmetics, geek fashion is thriving like never before.

Me IRL: Gail Simone

By Michelle Jaworski

The celebrated comic artist reveals her strangest comic plots and superhero alter ego.


Gamer girls have always been here, and they’re not going anywhere

By Mickey Schulz

Think women playing games are a new phenomenon? Think again.

3 reasons why we need more female inventors

By Marissa Fessenden

The perception that science is only for nerdy guys needs a reboot.

With Gamergate, it’s not enough to ignore the trolls

By Matt Rozsa

Only a culture of shame can finally put a stop to Gamergate.