The week of December 14, 2014

The Internet and God

Inside the Universal Life Church, the Internet’s one true religion

By Aaron Sankin

You can be ordained in a matter of minutes—for the right price.

Quote of the week

“Faith is a vulnerable thing, not a battle.”

—David Bazan


Capturing the horror of the Holocaust for the selfie generation

By Allen Weiner

As survivors dwindle, historians are striving to keep their painful, shared history alive.

Twitter and the rise of the microprayer

By Casey Cep

The Episcopalian Church is creating a digital compline, one tweet at a time.

Kneeling at a digital altar

By Rob Price

With communities catering to everyone from Catholics to Buddhists, virtual churches are thriving online.

Me IRL: David Bazan

By Dylan Love

The acclaimed indie songwriter details his struggles with his faith.


The church of whatever: Finding God in the Internet age

By Dylan Love

Religion and technology have been agents of change since words existed.

Confessions of a former star

By Will Rogers

Not all who wander onto are lost.

Transhumanism and the search for digital immortality

By Greg Stevens

The transhumanism movement is challenging Christianity in unprecedented ways.