The week of June 7, 2015

The Interviews Issue

Reggie Watts is ready to shake up late-night television

By Audra Schroeder

The polymath comic on technology, joining the Late Late Show, and the first impression he ever did.


The post-apocalyptic vision of comics maestro Warren Ellis

By Dylan Love

The English writer thinks we’ve already seen the best of our technology cycle and finds dystopias…kind of OK.

Director Lexi Alexander dismantles Hollywood’s persistent sexism

By Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

The filmmaker and advocate talks how piracy has helped her career, and why crowdfunding is no fix for the movie business.

Pavel Durov: The most interesting man in the encryption wars

By Dylan Love

VKontakte’s Pavel Durov turned his private chat service into a global phenomenon.

Talking war and secrecy with William M. Arkin

By Joseph L. Flatley

The longtime writer and journalist on surveillance, technology, and our increasingly militarized world.

The supreme wit of Patricia Lockwood, Twitter’s poet laureate

By Miles Klee

The literary sexter is better on her own terms.

Dude Perfect’s life after trick shots

By Rae Votta

The Texas video stars are considering their next act. Will their 5.5 million fans follow?

What’s next for Marc Maron?

By Joey Keeton

Between a podcast, a tour, and weekly dispatches for fans, how did he find time for the show?

Author Nathaniel Popper on the rise of Bitcoin and its uncertain future

By Jesse Hicks

The New York Times journalist spent a year among the cryptocurrency’s most colorful characters.

Esports legend Angel Munoz has a few more tricks up his sleeve

By Jared Wynne

Twenty years ago, he founded the Cyberathlete Professional League. Today, he’s got another mission.