The week of July 5, 2015

The Interviews, Part II

The Property Brothers want to be on every screen you’re watching

By Marisa Kabas

The Canadian duo on how they went from struggling actors to HGTV stars to digital darlings—and what’s in store next.


How Scott Aukerman built an empire of absurdist comedy

By Aaron Sankin

The Comedy Bang! Bang! host reimagined the talk show and engineered the most absurd moment of the Obama presidency.

Ken Jennings still believes in the power of trivia

By Jesse Hicks

The Jeopardy! maestro on how the Internet has “sort of turned us all into pedantic hair splitters.”

How two doctors created a video game dynasty

By Morgan Ramsay

Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeshuk retrace the history of BioWare.

Erika Lust is making porn female-friendly, one art film at a time

By EJ Dickson

Everything you wanted to know about feminist porn but were too afraid to ask.

SmokinCigs23 doesn’t care what you think

By Stephanie Stark

The 17-year-old showcases a middle America “built on beer and turning up.”

Behind Marvel icon Stan Lee’s new World of Superheroes

By Rae Votta

Creators get to flex their superpowers in a new global YouTube program.

Rachel Binx: Making sense (and art) of big data

By Selena Larson

By day, she’s a NASA data scientist. By night, she’s working on map-based jewelry.

The NSA’s former top lawyer talks privacy, security, and Snowden’s ‘betrayal’

By Aaron Sankin

A rare window in the mindset of a top NSA official.