The week of April 19, 2015

¢.R.€.A.M.: The Money Issue

Finding financial advice in the age of Google

By Allen Weiner

Where do young adults turn for financial advice in the age of Google?

Quote of the week

“There’s a millennial generation out there that believes if they see it on their smartphone it’s probably correct. In finance, mistakes are costly and innocence is no excuse.”

—Fred Selinger, University of California, Berkeley finance professor


Inside high-frequency trading’s technological arms race

By Aaron Sankin

Lasers, drones, and barges. Oh my!

The high-stakes risks and rewards of DIY finance

By Ramon Ramirez

Should you really trust Reddit with your money?

One startup’s quest to become the one bank you don’t hate

By Dylan Love

It would be different and easy. It would be Simple.

In the Internet’s priciest fetish, extortion gets kinky

By Aaron Sankin

This is not for mere ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ fans.

I tried the most innovative underwear on the Internet

By Rob Price

Is that a stretch goal in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

The truth about Bitcoin addiction

By Fran Berkman

The ends might justify the means.

Me IRL: Charles Best

By Selena Larson

The DonorsChoose cofounder looks back on 15 years of crowdfunding classrooms.


The next tech bubble is about to burst

By Joe Kukura

It’s not all that hard to see—if you’re not afraid to look.

7 ways retail jobs exploit and steal from their employees

By S.E. Smith

This is why we need to #FightFor15.