The New Age of Superheroes

How an Afrofuturist Black Panther could shake up the Marvel Universe

By Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Franchise fatigue may be setting in for superhero-movie fans. That could change thanks to an African king with a futuristic jet and a cadre of sword-wielding female bodyguards.


The pacifist past and war-torn future of Wonder Woman

By Aja Romano

Wonder Woman has been many different things to many people over the years—so what is she now?

A new age of comics is stirring in Africa

By Curt Hopkins

Artist and author Paul Louise-Julie talks about the roots of Africa’s comics revolution.

Behind Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay’s haunting new project

By Aja Romano

The comics dream team return with ‘Heartless,’ described as part-Lynch, part-Tarkovsky.


Being rich isn’t a superpower, and Steve Jobs isn’t Spider-Man

By Tim Carmody

When Peter Parker becomes a wealthy CEO, what does it say about the kind of heroes we believe in today?

Why do ‘good guy’ superheroes get a bad rap?

By Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Even Superman, a character who is literally powered by sunlight, is now far darker than ever before.